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Traditional hand poked japanese tattoos

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Tattoo Studio Ishi

Düsseldorf – Germany




IREZUMIYA ISHI is a Tattoo Studio in the heart of Düsseldorf dedicated to the art of HORIMONO – the traditional japanese Tattoos. We use the traditional japanese hand poking method called TEBORI. In our Studio you will find alot of traditional horimono designs as well as lots of information regarding this beautiful art. We have been tattooing for more than 25 years now and still loving what we do. Please be aware that we are not a „modern Tattoo Factory“,  we do only custom work in japanese style and we do take alot of care and time by drawing for each costumer a unique design. You are always welcome to visit us (for a consultation appointment please give us a call first).

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Hand poking in traditional Japanese style is less painful and not so traumatic to the skin than tattoo machines. Tebori has in Japan a long tradition and many great Master still using the traditional Tebori for creating their master pieces. Many years of practice and a lot of efforts are needed to master this tattoo technique and only those who really understand the traditional horimono world can also understand the significant and beauty of Tebori.

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Horimono Style Tattoos

Even though tattoos in Japan were prohibited for centuries the traditional Japanese tattoo (horimono) flourished in the late Tokugawa period. Their shaddings, colors and designs flow over the body, often incorporating the wearers anatomy. The traditional designs are based on ukiyoe prints and have their own meanings. They should be appreciated and clearly recognized from a distance of several meters. Horimono had a beautiful sense of continuity and movement but it is hard to see and undertsand without previous knowledgement. It requires special techniques and years of apprenticeship.  Although not looked upon very highly in Japanese society, horimono still a beautiful and intricate art form.

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Sumi-e Paintings

Sumi-e (Japanese 墨 絵) „Sumi“ means black ink made of soot, „e“ means painting.

It is a painting technique, which in addition to good brushes, only black drawing ink, water and unsized paper are needed.

We use this technique, as many Japanese Tattoo Masters also do, to paint our traditional Horimono designs. Every painting is unique and custom draw for each costumer. The designs are traditional based on Ukiyoe paintings such as the Suikoden heroes, Japanese folklore and mythology. Traditionally the deshi, the student, must copy the designs of the master in oder to learn and memories them. Each tattoo family has its own style to draw and paint the designs which is like a signature to identify the tattooist family.

traditional japanese tattoo brush painting
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For a better understanding of our works we have put together a collection of videos where you can appreciate the traditional tebori in action as well as some finished and some „in progress“ horimono tattoos. Please have understanding that the footages are partially very old. We will update the gallery with new videos from time to time.

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Deeply thankful to my Master Horimitsu Sensei for his mentorship, support, artistic and spiritual guidance and for his encouragement in every way.

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Official Tattoo Ishi goods and souvenirs:

T-shirts, giftcards, shopping bags, pins, buttons and more.

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Working time: Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 18:30

Consultation time: Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 13:00 or call for an appointment


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Kölner Strasse 11, 40211 Düsseldorf / Germany

    review rating 5  Ich bin schon länger Kunde bei Ishi. Hier stimmt alles. Termine werden eingehalten; es ist alles sauber und organisiert; der Meister (und die Bezeichnung hat er sich wirklich verdient 😉 nimmt sich Zeit für Beratung und Gespräch; der Kunde wird höflich und mit Respekt behandelt; besser könnte es nicht sein. Ishi ist ein Künstler auf seinem Gebiet. Seine Arbeiten haben Stil und Klasse. Ich würde gerne noch ein paar Zusatzsterne für seine Arbeit vergeben, wenn ich könnte...... Man merkt an allen Stellen deutlich, dass es sein Beruf und seine Leidenschaft ist und nicht nur ein Job!

    thumb Jörg Grundkowski

    review rating 5  Sehr zuvorkommend, freundlich und kundenorientiert. Tolle Zusammenarbeit die noch länger andauern wird.

    thumb Hans-Dirk Ziolkowski

    review rating 5  Es handelt sich hier um ein der hygienische Studio. Der Künstler arbeitet auch mit altherkömmlicher Methode nicht nur mit der Maschine, sehr beeindruckend. Er ist ein wahrer Künstler.

    thumb Manuela Bestier

...tattooing since 1992!